Telangana State Eligibility Test 2022 SUBJECT & SYLLABUS 

TSTET 2022

The list of SET subjects along with their respective codes is as given below:

Subject CodeSubject listedMedium of Question PaperSubjects included (grouping)
02Chemical SciencesEnglishChemical Sciences (which includes): I. Analytical Chemistry II. Inorganic Chemistry III. Organic Chemistry IV. Physical Chemistry V. Medical Chemistry VI. Applied Chemistry VII. Nuclear Chemistry VIII. Environmental Chemistry IX. Marine Chemistry X. Pharmaceutical Chemistry XI. Bio-inorganic Chemistry
03CommerceEnglish & TeluguCommerce
04Computer Science & ApplicationsEnglishComputer Science & Applications
05EconomicsEnglish & TeluguEconomics
06EducationEnglish & TeluguEducation
08Earth SciencesEnglishEarth Sciences (which includes): i. Geology ii. Applied Geology iii. MS Geology iv. Geophysics v.Meteorology vi. Marine Geology vii. Petroleum Geology viii. Geo-Informatics ix. Applied Geochemistry x. Oceanography
09Life SciencesEnglishLife Sciences (which includes): i. Botany ii. Biochemistry iii. Biotechnology iv. Genetics v. Microbiology vi. Zoology vii. Fishery Science viii. Animal Biology ix. Marine Biology
x. Applied Genetics
10Journalism & Mass CommunicationsEnglishJournalism & Mass Communications
13HistoryEnglish & TeluguHistory
15Mathematical SciencesEnglishMathematical Sciences (which Includes) i. Mathematics ii. Applied Mathematics iii. Statistics iv. Applied Statistics v. Mathematics with Computer Science
16Physical SciencesEnglishPhysical Sciences (which includes): i. Applied & Molecular Physics ii. Classical Dynamics iii. Condensed Matter Physics iv. Electromagnetics v. Experimental Design vi. Electronics vii. Nuclear, Space & Particle Physics viii. Quantum Physics ix. Thermodynamics x. Astronomy xi. Astrophysics
17Physical EducationEnglishPhysical Education
18PhilosophyEnglish & TeluguPhilosophy
19Political ScienceEnglish & TeluguPolitical Science
21Public AdministrationEnglish & TeluguPublic Administration
22SociologyEnglish & TeluguSociology
25Library & Information ScienceEnglishLibrary & Information Science
27Social WorkEnglish & TeluguSocial Work
28Environmental ScienceEnglishEnvironmental Science